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A participant committed to the valorisation of the agricultural world

sanCtum méditerranée: for fair, transparent and authentic agriculture

sanCtum méditerranée: for fair, transparent and authentic agriculture

SAS sanCtum Méditerranée is strongly involved in the so-called « new sector » strategy and in the development of a clean and organic agriculture.

Its main activity is focused on the research and the multiplication of seeds, PPAM plants (Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants), service plants (green crops), oilseeds with proven ecological and agronomic potentials.

Our goals ?
Responding to both issues:

  • environmental performance,
  • improvement of functional biodiversity,
  • economic requirements of all actors involved, and especially those of the farmers.

The actions of sanCtum méditerranée

  • multiplication and distribution of seeds and seedlings: PPAM (Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal plants), oilseeds and service plants / green crops),
  • production and distribution of raw materials, vegetable proteins, food, gluten-free flour, hygiene and cosmetics,
  • processing of raw materials into essential oils, vegetable oils, oilcakes,
  • agronomic experimentation, solution, parmaculture design,
  • research and development in plant biology and new technological processes,
  • advice, formation and development, organic responsible consumption.

In order to present new perspectives, sanCtum méditerranée develops products with added high value through enlargement of the resources of biodiversity and its transformations.

Participant for the valorization of the agricultural world and committed to experimentation, practices related to agroecology and botanical knowledge, sanCtum méditerranée promotes a new vision of the production model and the place of agriculture in our society, through a sustainable economy at local, regional and national level, as well through a fair valorization of know-how, the terroirs and its resources.

→ True

We offer a genuine ethical sustainable and equitable development in favor of biodiversity..
By value-adding agriculture, sanCtum meditérranée participate in the dissemination of know-how, resources and production techniques through its network of partners.

→ Transparent

The signature of sanCtum meditérranée connects producers directly to the land, with the agreement of the different co-actors, their identity is clearly displayed in sale and distribution. This approach ensures the consumer a better traceability, from raw materials to finished products.

→ Authenticity

Through the cultivation of plants of perfume, aromatics and medicinal (PPAM), oleaginous plants, green crops and the free exchange of agricultural practices, sanCtum meditérranée encourages collective action to balance the North/South relationship and a peace alliance by a fair distribution of its agro-cultural wealth.

Just, transparent, authentic

Respect for the human and the land

In order to achieve its objective, sanCtum Méditerranée is developing its expertise:

  • distribution and multiplication of seeds and plants PPAM (Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants), oil seed plants and service plants (green crops, messicoles, animal feed),
  • development of new processing and extraction processes,
  • development of new methods of application and implementation on the basis of agro-ecological products guaranteeing the origin and total traceability of raw material production to companies and consumers.

Where to find

our products?

We invite you to discover our online shop, you will find many products (essential oils, vegetable oils and products from Cameline).

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Values to share, in France and abroad

sanCtum méditerranée presents at national and international level the values necessary for the respect of the human and the earth. Its action covers the entire French territory and Mediterranean countries.

Since its inception, sanCtum Méditerranée has continued its educational commitment to agricultural training centers, including the CFPPA.

SanCtum Méditerranée remains faithful to its values of sharing and transmitting experience, advising on the most appropriate practices and providing a wider range of seeds, plants, economic and environmental perspectives.

« While going away from Nature, one destroys Nature »

The actions developed by sanCtum méditerranée

  • to provide farmers with seeds, plants, data sheets and experimental results in a crop association,
  • to help the establishment of new farmers in innovative production sectors and to support the conversion projects in organic and sustainable agriculture,
  • make available to consumers a range of exceptional products, ecological and solidarity products (vegetable oils, essential oils, flours and food supplements, cosmetics and wellness products),
  • valorization of coproducts from agro-food to animal nutrition, industry, biotechnology, energy and cosmetics. Always in a circular economy, among the missions, innovate to respond to environmental challenges, by diversifying crops of plants with high nutritional value and multiple uses in order to improve also the economic performance of the sectors and a self-sufficiency in proteins . Among plant proteins that can enhance animal feed, camelina oilcake (coproduct from Cameline seed extraction), a plant with high nutritional value and multiple uses, has many advantages and is a competitive alternative to raw materials traditionally used, including imported soycake from the Americas,
  • promote a new vision of agriculture through a sustainable economy at local, regional and national level. A fair valorization of the know-how, the terroirs and their resources accompanies this initiative, which extends to the fields of arts and crafts.
  • ensure, through our network of partners (producers, gatherers, processors, traders and industrial), a sustainable commercial relationship. The signature sanCtum méditerranée guarantees a fair valorization of the resources to the peasants/farmers,
  • Encourage innovations in the fields of research on new agricultural practices and the transformation of raw plant materials (bio-extraction and production processes, additives and natural active ingredients, etc.)


For a 100% Fair Trade Agriculture

Presentation of Cameline

We invite you to discover a document presenting in detail the Cameline, its virtues, origins and use.

The Cameline

Cultures & plants

Seed involved in the expansion of a truly clean, sustainable and solidarity-based organic agriculture, sanCtum méditerranée offers a wide choice of PPAM, service plants, messicoles and oilseeds.

Our products

Equity, clarity and authenticity are the specificities borne by our actions:
Experimentation, strategic development of new pathways for the future, sharing and transmission of knowledge.

Knowledge & Transmission

Economic development, with respect for and protection of nature and the human being, is at the heart of the action of sanctum mediterranée, with a unique signature, legitimacy and total visibility.