sanCtum méditerranée

On the whole chain from the seed to the finished product…

sanCtum méditerranée develops and distributes raw materials, healthy and sustainable products from:

  • its own facilities and seed multiplication, grain production and raw materials. By enhancing primary raw materials such as animal feed by-products (cake), food supplements (flours, floral waters) as well as secondary processing, biotechnology, hygiene and health, cosmetics, perfumery …
  • plants from farmers, peasant multipliers, producers of seeds, grains, plants, seedlings and raw materials distributed by sanCtum méditerranée,
  • harvests and productions from farmers, peasants and selected craftsmen sharing fair values, transparency and fairly distributed profit.
exemples de produits proposés par sanCtum méditerranée : plans, semences, farines, huiles

The actions of sanCtum méditerranée

  • multiplication and distribution of seeds and seedlings: PPAM (Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants), oilseeds and service plants / green manure crops),
  • production and distribution of raw materials, vegetable proteins, food, gluten-free flour, hygiene products and cosmetics,
  • transformation of raw materials into essential oils, vegetable oils, oilcakes,
  • agronomic experimentation, solution, parmaculture design,
  • research and development in plant biology and new technological processes,
  • advice, training and development, bio-responsible consumption.

Raw materials, food, cosmetics

Finally, whatever the origin of the raw material, all products from sanctum méditerranée are linked by their complete traceability and by the urgent need to install a new production model, a new relationship between the farmer and the final consumer: Production and distribution, clear and transparent, fair and equitable in the bio-responsible and bio-balanced trend.

Our « sanCtum méditerranée » products and raw materials are available for purchase in the online shop.

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Our products (essential oils, vegetable oils, products derived from Cameline …) are available for sale online.

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Cultures & plants

Seed involved in the expansion of a truly clean, sustainable and solidarity-based organic agriculture, sanCtum méditerranée offers a wide choice of PPAM, service plants, messicoles and oilseeds.

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Equity, clarity and authenticity are the specificities borne by our actions:
Experimentation, strategic development of new pathways for the future, sharing and transmission of knowledge.
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Knowledge & Transmission

Economic development, with respect for and protection of nature and the human being, is at the heart of the action of sanctum mediterranée, with a unique signature, legitimacy and total visibility.